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Terrace coverings

Today, the feature of covering areas of usually big window surfaces with canvas aiming at extending the season not only pertains to taverns and restaurants but - in order to winterize - to private houses in increasing number as well.

Advantages: protects the terrace from wind and rain, extending its lifetime. The coverings also have a considerable heat-insulating ability.


  • While fixing the covering, we can use a so-termed wind-up device, which accelerates and simplifies the handling of the terrace covering.
  • With the use of traversable ears, the terrace coverings can be easily set up or removed even individually. This method is more cost-effective than the winding.


This group of products has the most varied forms of all. With this product, regarding the function, the customer or/and the designer can carry out their ideas most easily. It’s only the customer’s imagination limiting the possible shapes and forms.

Spectacular coverings can be made over open areas of various buildings, or even bathing pools of private houses. On account of the lightweight structure, it is fixed to concrete foundation bodies with bolt connection. The proper tightness and form of the covering can be achieved by cable fixation.

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