Hungaplan Ltd.

Address: 9082 Nyúl,
Potyondi út 5.
Fax: +3696364057



Hungaplan Ltd. was established in June of year 2000, but our professional experience goes back to the 1980s.

Our main core of business is the production of various tents and coverings. We have been working in our own, up to date production hall since 2004.

Our production site is situated in the industrial area of Nyúl, a nice village along the main road 82, 10 km away from the city of Győr. The address is H-9082 Nyúl, Potyondi út 1.

The production hall has the area of 600 m2, it is only 4 km away from the highway M1. The company’s main profiles are to process different kinds of PVC coated canvases, produce tents and coverings and decorate covering products. In the beginning we mainly manufactured truck awnings, but today we rather focus on the production of tents. Our export is steadily increasing; owing to our favorable location we deliver our products mainly to Austria and Slovakia.

We can decorate not only coverings but box-like vehicle bodies as well in high quality and a spectacular way. According to the features of great tensile strength, long lifetime, durability, perfect liquid and chemical resistance, our products can be used quite versatilely.

Depending on the application and load, we choose the most eligible covering material of all qualities of base materials and then specify the optimal production technology. The applied technology could be HF welding, hot air welding, sewing or the combination of the above respectively.

Ferenc Szuhai
Managing director-owner

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